How do I set up my University on koomzo platform?

With Koomzo, you have the ability to  set up your school/ University from ground up:

  • Set up the complex classification of  Faculties(schools), disciplines and courses with respective academic levels.
  • Set up lecture halls.
  • Set up course/exam schedules which will be visible to enrolled students through their e-calendar.
  • One off bulk upload of students through spreadsheets

Is Koomzo flexible enough to accommodate my school's layout?
Yes, koomzo is designed to accommodate both francophone and anglophone system of education with regards to:
  1.  Class/Grade level hierarchy classification
  2.  Formula for calculate term and annual average for students
  3.  Ability to promote students one academic level up
After the initial intense setup process virtually all tasks are one click away. We have a team of experts that are ready to guide you through this involved setup process.

 What are the routine tasks that Koomzo helps automate?
  •  Generation of examsheet scriptcode for students.
  •  Generation of Course marksheet template.
  •  Bulk upload of Student marks through template spreadsheets generated by the system.
  •  Bulk generation of student's result slips and transcripts. 
  •  Scheduled emails and Sms to targetted students, parents and staff.
  •  Visual analysis of thousands of records to provide piechart & graphs of actionable information.


 What services does the platform provide to students?

  • View list of registered courses.
  • View Academic history i.e. a grouping of courses by academic level and semester (school level and class for schools) showing all the courses and marks earned including cumulative GPA or term average.
  • Register courses for a specific academic level and semester.
  • Delete remove a course from his/her a registered list of courses only if marks have not been allocated for that course.
  • View class schedules for enrolled courses and exam schedules through the student e-calendar. School events which might concern the student will also be viewable on the e-calendar.
  • Print out an unofficial transcript for a particular semester at any point in the student’s academic lifecycle.
  • View attendance statistics by course: pie chart (currently under test).
  • View academic performance statistics i.e. graph plot of student’s GPA/ average score by semester.
  • Search for other students in their class.
  • View Tuition Fee status and next schedule date of payment if Tuition only paid in part.
  • Receive SMS or email reminders for important events.
  • Edit student profile (only certain attributes, will be editable in order not to compromise the data integrity of the system).
  • Note the student’s wall is also viewable by parents or guardians, with limited privileges.


Tutors /Staff

 What service does the platform provide to tutors?
  •      Map courses taught by the Tutor.
  •     Register course schedules for each course, viewable by students and parents on the school e-calendar.
  •     Record students grades either directly on the system or import from a spreadsheet file (excel) in one-click.
  •     Batch generation of Attendance sheets and attendance sheet templates.
  •     Generation of grade sheets and grade sheet templates per course.
  •     Schedule exam dates.
With elevated privileges, the tutors/staff can carry out the following tasks:
  •     Batch generation of Transcripts for hundreds of students (select by academic level or Discipline or class) in one click.
  •     Approve registered grades for students.
  •     Calculated the GPA /Score average for students in one click
 How much ICT training do I need to use Koomzo.

How will koomzo will koomzo facilitate management of my school/university.

Must I need extremely fast internet connection to use this platform?
Security and intergrity of the data.